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Bracciano Castel and Lake day Tour

Day Tour  from Rome or Shore Excursions from Civitavecchia Port 

Bracciano Lake and Castel Day Tour


FULL DAY  8 Hours

Pick Up:

Rome Hotel or Civitavecchia Port

Starting Time:

7:30 Am from Civitavecchia
8:30 Am from Rome Hotel


  • BraccianoLake

  • Castello Odescalchi

  • Ceri Sanctuary Madonna di Ceri

  • Cerveteri Necropoli Banditaccia 

Meeting Point:

Your driver will meet you at your Hotel or Civitavecchia Port (Right your cruise ship)


Tour Price includes

Private deluxe vehicle with professional English- speaking driver, Italy tax vat, fuel, insurance, fees.


Tour price is does not included

Licensed Tour Guides / Walking Tours ( * you will Self Tour without a guide)

entrance fees to museum or monuments, lunch, gratuites.


* Price of admission ticket at Bracciano castel is currently 8,50 Euros per person. Tickets can be purchased upon visiting the site.

* Price of admission ticket at Banditaccia Cerveteri  Etruscan Necropolis  is currently 10 Euros per person. Tickets can be purchased upon visiting the site.

Your Driver cannot act as a guide and accompany you away from the vehicle to sightsee.


will be made in Euro funds at the end of your journey directly to your driver, or you may prepay in advance via PayPal or credit card nwith 5% service charge

Policy Cancellation

Please, note that there will be no charge if you cancel your reservation by e-mail within at least 24 hours before date of requested service. If is not done in these terms, our company reserves the right to debit the “no show fee” on your credit card.

  • Transfer from Civitavecchia Port to Rome Airport (Departures)
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  • Transfer from Rome Airport (Arrivals) to Civitavecchia Port
    up 1/3 Pax €. 125,00 up 4/5 Pax €. 140,00 up 6/7 Pax €. 165,00 up 8 Pax €. 185,00 Book Now
  • Transfer from/to Civitavecchia Port to/from Rome City (Hotel)
    up 1/3 Pax €. 125,00 up 4/5 Pax €. 140,00 up 6/7 Pax €. 165,00 up 8 Pax €. 185,00 Book Now


Rome is a wonderful city full of charm and story,but if you want to spend a relaxing and quite day,we suggest you to visit Roman countryside,in the proximity of Rome there are various paths full of precious historical treasures.


Our tour "Castles and Lakes" of a day trip from Rome and with excursions from Civitavecchia port offers the opportunity of enjoy a special trip through the countryside and the uncontaminated nature.


Our travel brings us to visit the famous Bracciano lake when the majestic Odescalchi castle takes place of rinascimental era The medieval fortress of Ceri and the charm of ancient Etruscan civilizations makes us discover the famous Branditaccia and Necropoli of Cerveteri.


Bracciano Lake


This known city is situated near Rome in his countryside, It enjoys an excellent reputation thanks to the majestic Odescalchi castle built in 16 century and still in very good condition, place of numerous events like Tom cruise and k.holmes' marriage in 2006.

During the castle tour you can visit all rooms and private chambers owned by kings and popes of rinascimental era, you will be fascinated by decorations that witness a particular interess to the care of furniture and the collection of weapons. outside of this beautiful masterpiece we find  the court that enjoys of a beautiful view of the Bracciano lake. It will follow a ride around the lake's shore which it is one of the most big lakes of italy of volcanic origin.

The beach offers to visitors a fantastic place where relax and practice sailing,canoe and baths;this is one the most destinations chosen by romans to holiday.

We continue our tour to the famous Ceri,ancient medieval fortress located on a tufa hill,limestone type material used by etruscan during the tombs'construction,that characterise the ancient city of Cerveteri, Etruscan necropolis.

This little medieval village is crossed by a unique road possible to walk by feet for his dimension,once reached the main square We will visit the famous santuario della madonna di ceri,in this sacred place etruscan and romans usually pray the pagan god Vesta.

In a local restaurant you will taste a delicious lunch of traditional Roman cuisine,then a short walk in the village


Cerveteri: Etruscan necropolis


We leave Ceri and we go to Cerveteri,near Bracciano,previously called by etruscans "Cisra Caere",while the latin name given by romans was "Caere Vetus",here takes place one of the most big archaeological sites in Europe from July 2004 UNESCO heritage: Banditaccia necropolis join with Monterozzi Necropolis.


Banditaccia necropolis is situated on an offshore tufe extended about 400 hectares,of which 10 are home of about 400graves,from Villanovan(IX CENTURY) to Etruscan era(III CENTURY). The word Banditaccia comes from 1800 when lands were on ban.


The most ancient Villanovan burials are characterised by them sharp shape,here they were kept the ashes of the dead.In the Etruscan period (from VII A.c.) we can note that there are 2 kind of burial: mound and nut. In the visible area there are two particular streets full of these kinds of burials: Via dei monti certi and via dei monti della tolfa.


Typical is the circular tumulus grave where innerly the house of the dead is recreated with rooms and hallways,visible the customs of the household.


Dates back to the fourth century, the tomb of the reliefs owned by matunas family, stillin a good status the frescoes in the walls are visible,but to preserve his status is possible to admire it only through a glass.


A part of finds is visible at the national etruscal museum of Villa giulia in Rome while another little part at archeological museum of Cerveteri.


Please note this tour provides at a Chauffeur who is not a professional and licensed Guide. Licensed tour guide if you prefer We can organized a tour with a professional licended local guide, please enquire for quote and more information.

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