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Christian Rome Day Tour

Private Christian Rome Day Tour  Square and Monument's


Full Day   8 Hours

Pick Up:

Rome Hotel or Civitavecchia Port

Starting Time:

8:00 Am from Civitavecchia
9:00 Am from Rome Hotel

  • ​Circus Maximus

  • Piazza Venezia

  • Catacombs

  • Vatican Museum

  • * St Peter's Basilica - pending available time

  • ** St Peter's Basilica visit is guaranteed only with Vatican Tour Guide

  • Sistine Chapel

  • St. Paul Outside the Wall


Tour Price includes

Private deluxe vehicle

Professional English- speaking driver

Italy tax vat





Tour price is does not included

Licensed Tour Guides / Walking Tours ( * you will Self Tour without a guide)

Entrance fees to museum or monuments,



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 Our English speaking driver will be at your hotel or pick up location or Civitavecchia Port with the vehicle requested to begin this tour of Christian Rome tour.

Our Christian Rome Tour combines some of Rome’s most significant and incredible churches, with top historic sites, monuments, lively piazzas, and museums.


This tour include the following sites:

Circus Maximum

The Circus Maximus (Latin for "largest circus"; Italian: Circo Massimo) is an ancient Roman chariot-racing stadium and mass entertainment venue in Rome, Italy. In the valley between the Aventine and Palatine hills, it was the first and largest stadium in ancient Rome and its later Empire. It measured 621 m (2,037 ft) in length and 118 m (387 ft) in width and could accommodate over 150,000 spectators.In its fully developed form, it became the model for circuses throughout the Roman Empire. The site is now a public park

Saint Paul  Outside The Walls

The Papal Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls (Italian: Basilica Papale di San Paolo fuori le Mura), commonly known as Saint Paul's Outside the Walls, is one of Rome's four ancientpapalmajor basilicas,[a] along with the basilicas of Saint John in the LateranSaint Peter's, and Saint Mary Major.

The Basilica is within Italian territory, but the Holy See owns the Basilica in a regime of extraterritoriality, with Italy recognizing its full ownership and conceding it "the immunity granted by international law to the headquarters of the diplomatic agents of foreign States"


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Image by Claudio Hirschberger

Ancient Appian Way/Via Appia

The Appian Way (Latin and Italian: Via Appia) is one of the earliest and strategically most important Roman roads of the ancient republic. It connected Rome to Brindisi, in southeast Italy. Its importance is indicated by its common name, recorded by Statius,[2][3] of Appia longarum... regina viarum ("the Appian Way, the queen of the long roads").

The road is named after Appius Claudius Caecus, the Roman censor who began and completed the first section as a military road to the south in 312 BC during the Samnite Wars.

Christian Catacombs 

The Catacombs of Rome (Italian: Catacombe di Roma) are ancient catacombs, underground burial places in and around Rome, of which there are at least forty, some rediscovered only in recent decades. Though most famous for Christian burials, either in separate catacombs or mixed together, Jews and also adherents of a variety of pagan Roman religions were buried in catacombs, beginning in the 2nd century AD, occasioned by the ancient Roman ban on burials within a city, and also as a response to overcrowding and shortage of land. The most extensive and perhaps the best known is the Christian Catacomb of Callixtus located near the Park of the Caffarella, but there are other sites, both Christian and not, scattered around the city, some of which is now engulfed in the modern urban sprawl.

Saint Peter In Chians/San Pietro in Vincoli

San Pietro in Vincoli  Saint Peter in Chains) is a Roman Catholic titular church and minor basilica in Rome, Italy, best known for being the home of Michelangelo's statue of Moses, part of the tomb of Pope Julius II.

The Titulus S. Petri ad vincula was assigned on 20 November 2010, to Donald Wuerl. The previous Cardinal Priest of the basilica was Pío Laghi, who died on 11 January 2009.

Next to the church is hosted the Faculty of Engineering of La Sapienza University, in the former associated convent. This is named "San Pietro in Vincoli" per antonomasia. The church is on the Oppian Hill near Cavour metro station, a short distance from the Colosseum.

The Vatican

After lunch, you will visit the tiniest country in the world, the Vatican

The Vatican Museums (Italian: Musei Vaticani; Latin: Musea Vaticana) are the public museums of the Vatican City. They display works from the immense collection amassed by the Catholic Church and the papacy throughout the centuries, including several of the most renowned Roman sculptures and most important masterpieces of Renaissance art in the world. The museums contain roughly 70,000 works, of which 20,000 are on display and currently employ 640 people who work in 40 different administrative, scholarly, and restoration departments.

Pope Julius II founded the museums in the early 16th century.

The Sistine Chapel, with its ceiling and altar wall decorated by Michelangelo, and the Stanze di Raffaello (decorated by Raphael) are on the visitor route through the Vatican Museums. 

Please note this tour provides at a Chauffeur who is not a professional and licensed Guide. Licensed tour guide if you prefer We can organized a tour with a professional licended local guide, please enquire for quote and more information.

Important Information

Meeting Point:

Your driver will meet you at your Hotel or Civitavecchia Port (Right your cruise ship)


Vatican museum tickets:

Price of Vatican Museums Admission Tickets with no line booked online at the current price of 20 Euros standard per person. Please book your admission tickets for the 2:00Pm, here is a link to help Vatican Ticket

Colosseum if you want to visit inside we sould recommend you pre purchase tickets online and book a visit early on between 9:30/10:00Am here is al link to help Colosseum Ticket


will be made in Euro funds at the end of your journey directly to your driver, or you may prepay in advance via PayPal or credit card with 5% service charge

Policy Cancellation

Please, note that there will be no charge if you cancel your reservation by e-mail within at least 24 hours before date of requested service. If is not done in these terms, our company reserves the right to debit the “no show fee” on your credit card.

Thank you for choosing Best Cabs Rome!
We are really excited to welcome you and to show you the beauty of our country.

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